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More new models arrive

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3 beautiful new Infinity Evo's arrived today and will soon be making their way to their new homes..

1 x Light

1 x Performance

1 x  GPS version


The Performance Evo remains the same as previous versions it is pretty much optimised.

The Light versions now come with carbon pushrods (not stainless steel) to take a few grams more out of the tail end to help fit even lighter drive systems.



The GPS version is a new one to me. Nice access hatch for gear and all kevlar up front. Built very solidly. Tails and wings much stiffer and similar feel to f3b model. But still way under the GPS  limit with the option of up to 750g ballast





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Nice hatch for easy installation and access.


2.4ghz friendly /GPS friendly kevlar nose..



Infinity wing joiners. Each model comes as standard with a lower angle and higher angle joiner. Depends on conditions and pilot preference but nice to have a choice. Hard to see in pic but note GPS joiner has thicker carbon caps..





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Loads of ballast. All included in kit price. Plus wing / tail / fuse bags.



Previous infinity NG had ballast bars fitted across fuselage and projecting into wings. New Evo goes F3f f3b style with ballast boxes moulded into the wing



Nicest accessory bag going...  laset cut wing and tail control movement templates, cnc carbon servo covers, cnc metal motor mount, high quality pre made wiring loom  with Deans 4 pin connectors (already fitted into wing), cnc servo tray, all clevises and couplers needed for fuselage servos and pilot choice of servorahmen IDS frames to connect up to already fitted IDS horns and pushrods.



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At flightech we can supply everything you need except TX/RX, lipos and....


GM props and Reisenauer & CN spinners always in stock. Just not advertised.

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