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Wing joiner

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I need a wing joiner with the following dimensions;   24 x 11 x 300 mm with a couple of degrees dihedral for a 2.5M  aerobatic sloper.

I know its a long shot but does anyone have any ideas where I could get one?

A few mm smaller on the  11 x 24 mm dimensions wouldn't be  a disaster as I could make this up with some carbon.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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24 x 11 sounds like a big section for a 2.5M!

Is the 24  vertical? If so, I would think a plywood joiner would do the trick. Easy to make by using layers of good quality birch ply.

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24 is the horizontal.

Might try the ply idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Isn't about half the grain in plywood is in the wrong direction for this application?

(l agree it might be good enough if the longer dimension was through the depth of the wing.)

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Or lay it up as carbon cloth between each piece of ply. 
1/64 ply is great stuff, although I imagine 1/32,would be more than good enough. 

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I have made knew joiners, that I could not source, or were very expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!, by laminating 1/16" ply with carbon unidirectional sheet, from Free Light Supplies. It is available in various thicknesses and by juggling the laminations, you can  get a good fit for the width. Make sure the build up has the ply on the outside of both sides so as you can sand to fit. A template made up from 1/16" ply to fit the height helps to cut the blanks.


The .o14" material listed, is the best to use as it can be cut with a sharp knife,  thicker ones will be more difficult,to work with. Old HSS hacksaw blades work well for cutting carbon sheet and cand be re sharpened when blunt


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