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F5J at Bartletts Farm - Saturday 12th Sept

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Before we get reduced to groups up to 6 on Monday I'll run an F5J comp. at Little Bentley, or possibly Bartletts Farm.

Weather looking good at the moment. Weather looking better for Saturday now - less so for Sunday.
Please register your interest here.

  1. Tony M
  2. Ian N
  3. Brian A
  4. Pete M
  5. John H
  6. Steve K
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I checked with Dave Bishop, he said there was no problem. However the gun club will be their till 12'30pm, which Dave said is not a problem. You can park on the grass and the grass has been cut, so the whole field is available.

Saturday looks OK as well, as an option

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2 hours ago, andyharrold said:

Where is Bartlett's farm?

Might come and watch.

Bartletts Farm is in East Hanningfield the nearby post code is CM3 8EW which is the garden centre opposite. 

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  • tonym changed the title to F5J at Bartletts Farm - Saturday 12th Sept
On 09/09/2020 at 08:42, mikef said:

Tonym, Are there changes to the 'elite sports' rules?

The Government document has now been updated, elite sports are still OK 🙂

The weather forecast has changed, surprise, surprise 🙄 - Saturday looks better and we won't get mixed up with the shooting club either.

How many can make Bartletts on Saturday rather than Sunday?

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  • Committee Member

I have been on the the field today Tony, the grass is  nice and short  so  we  have plenty of room to park and  to set out the landing circles.

Count me in for Saturday.


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Hi Andy

Hope you can make it on Saturday. Do you have a powered glider? If you have, bring it, we'll only be doing a 'relaxed' competition. Meaning, arrive when you like, fly when you like, and leave when you like.


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With 6 of us we'll do like we did when we first restarted comps. - 1 person times and spots while the others fly.

I'll matrix 5 rounds so we'll all fly the same amount - and get a drop 🙂

I'll aim to be at the field around 9, we'll have a lot of time with only 1 slot per round so no hurry to do anything.

Late comers welcome, its no problem at all to add you in to a matrix of 1 slot per round.

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Sorry Tony, I am not able to make today. I don't have a leccy glider at present.

I have just sold an f3f.

It is my intention to get one .

I am not keen to go too lightweight as I would like a bit of durability. ( Breaking tails and a hollow core wing on the jjedge dlg taught me that you can go too light)



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No worries Andy, we'll have another contest soon so hopefully you can make the next one.

I'm not very well up on F5J models, so don't have any suggestions for a sensibly weighted one with a bit of durability. If I'd not been lucky enough to pick up my dream machine (an El Nino - thanks Martin C!) I would be tempted by an Osprey 2 from Flightech - find it in the vendor threads.

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