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6th 2020 2m Hi Start 14 day Duration Challenge


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A placeholder for the 6th 2M Hi-Start 14 day duration Challenge for 2020

Please submit your score below. The clock will start when the first score is submitted.

This is a for fun challenge, anyone with a bungee-launched glider up to 2 metres wingspan and the standard Hi-Start can post a time.

Object: Fly your 2 metre glider for as long as possible from a flat field, the person who's time is unbeaten for 14 days 'wins' and a new challenge starts.

Rules: Launches must be made from the standard Challenge Hi-Start bungee. Flight times begin when line releases from the towhook and the model must land in the field for times to count. While the object is to encourage F3-RES types, any model up to 2 metre span may be flown (F3-RES, foam, full house aileron mouldie) but please state the type of model with your time.

The standard Hi-Start bungee is a maximum of 10m of 6/4mm surgical tubing and 50m of static line (minimum 30lb breaking strain). Lighter/smaller bungee rubber may be used.

Fly safely! No slope soaring

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Pete in Northiam

A stake in the (g)round: flight of 1m 53sec on 21/09/2020 at Levels 87 MFC field near Pevensey.  Log below: 


A hot day, 28C in the afternoon, but completely dead air on 16 of 17 launches and the one bubble I hit (this flight) was ten feet wide and surrounded by sink.  Ho hum, lots of launch practice and my "Bungee mode" flight trim is now hands free on launch.  :)

I am offering the bungees I have been using for sale.  They use the 10m of 6mm OD x 4mm ID Hilltop silicone rubber tubing terminated with screw eyes.  I have completed over 50 full-stretch launches with one without failure or any noticeable degradation.  £30 + postage (about £3) and £3.50 for an optional 50m of 30lb breaking strain braided non-stretch line (same postage, not 35lb in photo).  Bring your own pennant/parachute. I can take payment via PayPal.  Contact me directly (p.r.newman at lineone dot net) if interested! 

You can read some of the test results here.  

Cheers --Pete


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Pete in Northiam

I have sold out of my first batch of tubing so thanks to those who bought a short-field bungee :) I look forward to reading about their use - once the current gales subside!

If anyone else among you might want one, please email me (p.r.newman at lineone dot net).  No up-front payment, just an indication of interest please.  

The minimum order quantity for the tubing means I need to sell four to break even at those prices.  

Please let me know if you want in on the next batch. 

Cheers --Pete

cc: F3-RES Bungees thread

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Well I went out yesterday afternoon, Arrived at the field - everything present except for a Rx battery... Grrrr

Today was grandchild minding day but I did escape just before 4:30 and got 5 flights in before dark. Very dull, grey sky, cool, calm and the air felt dead.

Best flight was 2:43, all were 2 minutes plus except one where I had inadvertently set the spoilers at launch. Not an especially good idea. Shame really as the air actually didn't look too bad..



So.... this one is still alive although the weather forecast over the next few days does not look good..

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Well done Martyn

This Sat looks interesting. Very light winds but heavy clouds. I might have a go if the ground isn’t too boggy

Also. I agree with you looking at multiple shorter flights e.g 3 x 10 mins in a set timed window. 

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