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Bwlch - Potentially in lockdown from 18.00 17/09/20 ??


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Hi There

Just following the recent news that Rhondda Cynon Taf is to go into lockdown from 18.00 on 17/09/20 (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-54093100).

I fully appreciate that the first priority must be peoples safety.

From what I can see from maps this means that the Bwlch effectively goes into lockdown as it's on the county boundary?

Would welcome any local knowledge about the Bwlch being on the boundary and therefore in lockdown.

Thanks in advance 






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Good point, Keith. I had assumed that it was all in RCT, and therefore out of bounds, but a quick squint at the map below indicates that the boundary runs along the road, with the Wrecker and the Crest inside RCT, and the back of the Wrecker outside. In fact, the Back of the Wrecker is the only slope that we normally use that is not in RCT. The map is not very clear about Mickey’s. It’s the best I could find.



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you could possibly assume the air space is available , so you could maybe launch from the top of the wrecker landing area and fly over the edge .The road appears to be the boundary and given that the M4 is also a boundary and not closed you would be ok there . never the less its as they say 'pushing the boundary' .Mickeys doesnt appear to be in the RCT but the track up is in places .

We were planning a wrecker trip this weekend    but were off to an alternative now  

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