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Art Hobby Skua 1.5

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I’ve just bought an Art Hobby Skua 1.5.  A couple of questions.

The veneer on the wings is beautiful, and I want to use a semi gloss varnish/lacquer rather than cover them up with colour or film.

The Art Hobby web site recommends Deft, which is a solvent based varnish in the USA.  What’s the best option here in the UK.  Is solvent based the best option?

The model comes with ailerons (with hinges already installed just under the veneer), that you cut once the wing is varnished.  I’d like to add flaps.  Has anybody else done this.  What’s the best way to seal and strengthen the exposed foam on the back edge of the wing and front edge of the flap?

Thanks. Brian

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I'm not sure it is oil based.

On the blejzyk builds they use water based stains. E.g polyurethane. I would be cautious about using an oil based stain.

You could face it with epoxy/microballons.


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Dulux do a very good water based diamond hard varnish. It's not cheap though. 

I have a new Skua kit, but I'm not building it. Beyond my skills. Be nice to see your build.

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Thanks for all the comments. The Deft varnish is definitely solvent based.  The SDS lists lots of solvents that will dissolve the foam core in no time. I’d hoped someone on the site would have built an Art Hobby model and let me know what they used.  No point reinventing the wheel!

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I built an Odyssey a few months ago, I finished the wings with old fashioned  cellulose based  sanding sealer and dope as I was cautious about using a water based product applied directly to the veneer. If you use this you have to be cautious if you have any exposed foam areas, I had already glass clothed  the exposed foam at the wing joints. If you are intending using it for slope soaring I would be inclined to glass cloth the wing, it will be a little heavier but would improve the ding resistance. If you add flaps then the exposed foam can be relieved slightly and filled with a micro balloons and epoxy mix or alternativly cover the exposed foam with something like 2oz glass cloth. I think T9 may supply the Deft material specified. 

Good luck with whatever you decide to use.


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