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Phase 5 Fixup

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I picked up a Phase 5 a while back, it's been nicely built but there are a few tweaks I want to make before flying it which I plan to record on this thread as there are a few bits I'd like advice with from more experienced builders...


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First step is to re-hinge the wing as the clear tape used originally was starting to peel and the left outer surface had moved out of alignment. I plan to use clear Profilm to re-attached these. Before I do that, I want to consider the servos which seem to have been epoxied in.. Whilst this isn't currently a problem, it will be difficult if I ever have a servo failure (they seem to be TGY-113MG). Are there any tricks for removing servos from wings like this, I can't think of any that would be non-destructive to the wing!?


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I used to epoxy servos into moulded wings, and the servo would "crack out" of the epoxy when pulled hard enough.  Don't know if your Phase 5 wing is stron enough to do that though.

Re hingeing, I would use double sided tape alternate hinge strips (about 4) at aileron ends and in the middle, before using tape, or clear film in your case.  These keep the ailerons aligned properly with the trailing edge.

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As John says, the servos will often let go of the epoxy if you use a pair of pliers to pull them out. You will exert less stress on the wing skin if you grab them by the arm and twist In the same plane as the skin, rather than pull. But this advice comes from experience with moulded wings. I’m guessing that your wing is foam with a veneer. If the servos are glued directly to the veneer, you are quite likely to cause some damage, which won’t be too hard to repair, but might involve recovering the wing. If they are glued to foam, just pull and the foam will break. If they are glued to balsa or ply plates above the foam, then the foam will probably give way first as well, especially if any linings around the sides are removed before you start pulling. The plates and linings will be easy to remove. Foam can easily be replaced with Gorilla Glue.
No guarantees, though!
After you’ve taken them out, any remaining epoxy can be Dremelled away. It is easy to cut through the skin while doing this, so care is needed.


Can’t this ‘problem’ be delayed until after you’ve actually had a servo failure?

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I agree it isn't worth doing anything with servo removal until you need to. Metal geared so only one plastic gear probably. :-)


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Absolutely, wasn't advocating doing any servo removal now - just observing the potential issue for the future whilst hoping we never have to go there.

Incidentally, the Phase 5 is a fully built up wing, servo is glued to a ply plate which is mounted in the conventional way for built up wings between two ribs 

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