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DLG set up questions

Marc RC pilot

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20 hours ago, Martin O said:

No problem, I was much the same when I first started with Otx. I was determined to do my own program's and understand how everything works, it's like a second hobby and very satisfying when you get things to work how you want them. You could off course use someone else's templates but to me not as much fun.

Once you get the basic framework done you can start adding other things like switching out of zoom automatically when you push elevator or time out, adjustable camber in thermal mode on a slider, snap flap, spoken launch heights (if using vario) and whatever else you think off.

Another useful trick is understanding cascading mixers https://rc-soar.com/opentx/setups/gvars_highmix/highmix.htm

Good luck.


Thanks again Martin 👍 

Like yourself, I am determined to understand the system and start programming my own setups etc. I also feel the same way about seeing it as a second hobby of sorts. Otx is like a powerful beast that can only be tamed through understand it...Bless :) 

Looks like an interesting road ahead and I can't wait to have another crack at it over the weekend.





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