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Pike Precision 2 Thursday


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More Pike Precision 2's will be available Nov/Dec including electric versions.


Mike Evans and Les Wood with their PP2's. Mike Shellim pic




Electric versions should prove a lot of fun with 2kw of power and 6kg of thrust 😉




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It's been ready since Christmas and today it eventually took to the air. 

Conditions were bumpy and wind at least 45 off, but the Pike handled it with aplomb.

800g ballast for first flight. 

Just need to pick up the yellow nose cone from Les who has been clear coating it for me. 

Today both Pikes shared the one Orange nose


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I can’t help posting another pic, this time from yesterday with the sun out and perfect conditions. 

3 Pike Precision’s all supplied by Neil and with two very happy owners. 

Interestingly the Neon yellow tips of my TOP version look green when the light hits them at different angles, often resulting in the tail planes looking green and the wings yellow when in flight. 

Interesting because my spare tail planes that I’m using on my electric fuselage are from a previous model and are green. I had considered painting them, as on the ground they do clash a little. Perhaps in the sky they will look Yellow. 🤣


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