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Jart EPP Full House Slope Glider

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The time has come to sell my Jart foamie. I used this as my Jart trainer, before moving on to mouldie Jarts. It's running six Corona digital, metal gear, high torque servos. Wing and elevator fittings are all heavy duty. Running on a 2s lipo, with UBEC fitted, so running on 5v. A full days flying will only use 5% of lipo at most. Fitted with flaps and rudder, which make model much more capable. Fast roll rate with flaperons, and rudder makes all the difference in turns. Lands like a pussycat with crow mixing. I've flown this in 14 - 40+ mph winds and it handles it very well. I built this for speed/windy days. It's a fantastic performer for a foamie. It's a great flier, and i've had loads of fun with it. This is a regrettable sale, but i must reduce number of models i own. These very rarely come up for sale, and i've yet to see a 'full house' example.
Now for the finish. The 'unique Unicorn' finish was done for a joke intitially. However, i decided to leave it as is bcause it shows up very well in the sky. orientation is never a problem! The covering is all kinds duct tape, which gives a tough durable finish, but is easy to peel off and change if that's what the models next owner wants to do. I will include the silver livery i had custom cut, which i haven't finished applying. Also included is all of the spare tapes i hve left. Obviously i've put a lot of time and cash into this model, which is reflected in the price £175.00




IMG_9895 copy.jpg

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