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Northern Winter League 2020 / 2021


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 Hi All

Convinced these had already posted  😐
So sorry for the late notice.

Here are the Horcum dates :-

7 November
5 December
9 January
6 February
20 February (Reserve)
6 March
20 March (Reserve)



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Another lock down, another curb an our activities, another hit to the economy
I can't help thinking the cure is becoming worse than the disease

However inline with Government restriction the Northern Winter League event on the 7th Nov is OFF

Out next date on the 5th Dec is currently unaffected, unless of course.....!


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Well, here we are again!

This time the situation is far from clear, especially as far as travel between Tiers is concerned.
Government Guidelines and BMFA advice is NOT to travel.
Horcum is in T2 whilst the many of our flyers are in different T3's
to call a comp would be to invite travel against the guidelines.

This could possibly bring the Club into disrepute, an therefore the Northern Winter League on the 5th Dec is OFF

The good news is that we still have a few more months of the Winter League to go, there is always the possibility that restrictions may be eased.

Wishing you all safe and enjoyable Christmas, and hopefully see you all in the New Year.


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I guess this will come as no surprise, but our Winter League event on the 9th Jan is OFF.
Not looking too good for future WL dates either, but we live in hope




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Thanks Jon. Its one of the things I am missing most in current circumstances, my monthly day out to Yorkshire.

Hope we get going again at some point this year, the slopes will still be there!

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