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I had an original Stream DLG, and am giving serious consideration to a new one. Is the NXT still current / available, or has the game moved on again!





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There appears to be some sort of online ordering facility on their website, which I filled in - I suspect it’s possibly a tool to alert them to interested parties, prior to an actual paid order 

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As per Rollo's comment on the rcgroups thread

"You can still order NXT directly with Laurynas. Check out the order sheet on his website www.streamf3k.com"

I'm sure Neil could source you one too.

It might not be the most popular glider or the newest but it's still a very capable and competitive glider.   The differences between all the top gliders is very small/subtle.   There hasn't been any great step change in recent years.

More practice will make the biggest difference.


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Yeah, I loved the original Stream. I really laid into it, with some monster launches. It just laughed in my face 😉 Sold it to a mate. Some dumb ***** trod on it in an NT car park whilst he was putting his toys away. Too busy on her mobile phone... her response? It's only toy plane isn't it?  Expensive mistake that...


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Neil Harrison

Yes NXT is available to order....

Most that had an NXT went to CX5...

They are very similar in so many ways...performance wise, depends always on what you want, fashion and your flying style.

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