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F3-RES postals in 2021

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Hi all

Looking for feedback.

I am planning to run the F3-RES league in 2021 (if that is OK with you lot :) )

However, I would like to make a few changes to clarify and hopefully encourage participants.

Firstly, I would like to restrict entry to any sub 2m class glider providing it is not fitted with camber changing components - i.e. flaps or ailerons.  

At this stage, we will continue with no material restrictions - i.e. all foam models would be permitted although models with fully moulded carbon or glass reinforced skins would not be permitted. Models to F3-RES rules would of course be permitted.

As all models entered this year have been F3-RES, I cannot see a problem with this clarification point.

I am suggesting a couple of alternatives to the current league scoring method and also perhaps the format of the event. Personally, I would like to see the event to move to a more traditional contest format instead of the one big flight.

In all cases, league scoring would be 10 points for 1st, 7 points for second, 5 points for 3rd then 4,3,2,1 points for the next 4 places. 

Flights will complete when the model lands in the launch field or within 300m of the launch point is no field boundary is defined.

Option 1.

We continue with the same single reported flight with no max.

Option 2. 

A competitor will make 3 flights (launches) within a 60 minute launch window. The flight maximum will be either 10 minutes or 5 minutes (to be debated). There is no penalty for over-running the flight maximum but the flight score is capped at 10 (or 5) minutes. The objective is to promote consistency. The competitor must declare the start of the launch window (the first launch) and the launch times of the 2nd and 3rd flights. For example, a 10 minute flight will score 600 points, a 9:55 flight will score 595 points and a 10:15 flight will score 600 points.

Option 3.

As per option 2 except that time is deducted for flights exceeding the flight maximum. For example, a 10 minute flight will score 600 points, a 9:55 flight will score 595 points and a 10:15 flight will score 585 points.

Option 4.

A competitor makes consecutive flights starting with a minimum 2 minute target, if he/she is successful then attempts a 3 minute target. If successful, he/she attempts for a 4 minute target and this continues with 1 minute increments until he/she fails to achieve the next full minute. The reported score would be the last full minute successfully achieved plus the failing score. So, for example, if a competitor  achieves 2 minutes, then 3 minutes then only 1:55 on the 4 minute attempt, his score would be 4:55 (3 +1:55). All flights to be taken with a 2 hour launch window.

All flights to be made consecutively.


We are all aware that these models, on a calm day with good lift, are capable of excellent thermalling capability. I would like to move away from the emphasis of the one big flight and adopt a more contest orientated format for the event. In all cases, it requires integrity on the competitor but as the only prize on offer is improved self esteem and awe of your fellow competitors then I cant really see a problem.

Can we have a discussion please?






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Not sure if your considering electric models in this class, but if going for shorter tasks they will have a big advantage as easy to find lift, land and quickly relaunch into the same lift.

If still only bungee then option 2 would be my preference, maybe 4 flights.

Alternatively mix it up and have different tasks each month.

Option 3 might encourage ditching the model quickly and causing damage.

Option 4  probably means more time  retrieving the bungee Vs actual flying.

Just my thoughts.

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HI Martyn

Thank you for continuing to lead this. Option 2 or Option 3 for me. 

No issue at all with different types of models being allowed to enter. The more the merrier 


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Thanks for the comments. I do quite like the idea of alternating the challenges over the year.


In case you haven't seen it, I have put up a post on proposed F5-RES rules. Not a great deal of response so far :(






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Hi Martyn,

Thanks for continuing to lead this activity, and apologies for my non participation this year - that was never the plan. I am happy to go with the majority, but I would advocate keeping it simple. I can contribute a flight in the current format by myself - no need for someone to keep the time.

My observations:

  • Option 1 - I quite like the current format. It is relaxed, and staying up a long time is a very rewarding challenge when you succeed. Personally I don't see a problem with someone else putting in a monster time meaning they take the current first position.
  • Option 2 - I guess this is closer to a competition format. I think the time overfly without penalty is good. Does the competitor have to pre-declare that a launch will be the second or third flight to score? Or will the competitor make multiple flights and take the best two as second and third?
  • Option 3 - there is a danger we end up with quite a high workload at launch and landing managing a timer. I foresee flights of 9:59 and lawn dart landings...
  • Option 4 - sounds interesting - similar to a task from DLG? Timing might be challenging again, but if overflying the time is allowed, perhaps not a big issue.

I have no issue with the relaxed rules regarding model entry.

One final question - what problem are you trying to fix? Are you trying to encourage more participation? Have you had negative feedback from the current format?

I will have a look at the F5-RES post. At the moment I don't have a suitable model, but I guess that could be remedied fairly easily!

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Pete in Northiam

As everyone else is saying, @martynk, thank you for keeping us organised! My thoughts for 2021 are: 

- If it mostly works, don't fix it too much!  I like the 2020 format (one big flight) even though it takes me 17 launches to get anything significant.  

- Rules limiting number of attempts or flight times are appropriate for on-field competitions where you need to give everyone equal chances within a flying day.  For solo asynchronous postals it seems unnecessary - I'm still going to make 17 launches while I'm at the field :) 

- Very happy for relaxed model specifications until we see too many entrants

But whatever, I have gliders, bungees and a lack of local competition, so I hope to be in whatever gets run!

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I'd prefer the status quo myself (although I've not flown enough this year to have much weight in the discussion.) I always like the simplicity of the format and the 'time to beat' aspect is a great motivator. The league table running along side is nice if you're not at the top of the pack. Alternatively we could run a concurrent competition to hunt down Cirrus Dave and break his fingers. 😆

Would it be possible to have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd spot for each challenge? Might encourage the non-Daves amongst us?


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  • 2 weeks later...

The status quo seems to be the favourite option at the moment, looks like it will be rocking all over the world again for 2021 :)



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