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Pitbull 3


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Nicely done John. Difficult to believe that they can make chucking a battery, receiver and switch in a plane can be so hard. Let's hope you are rewarded for all your efforts with some quick times when you get out on the course. 

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It flies! Maiden on Thursday afternoon at Eggardon Hill in 7ms freshening over a 2.5 hour session to 10ms. It was a lovely warm afternoon, and the symptoms of my Icelandic lurgy have at last diminished to slightly congested lungs and sinuses. 

It went into a thermal before I had a chance to put a necessary few clicks of down in. So instead of doing F3F runs, I went with fluffy clouds and worked the thermal for about 10mins. Then it was time to set up the brakes. Nothing fancy, just making sure it would fly slightly nose down with neutral elevator and full flap. I did try a couple of runs along the slope. It does turn well. I particularly noticed how easy it is to complete an EM turn with rudder only. First flight was with CG at 98mm.

I launched again with the CG at 100mm, and a noticeably fresher wind. Which of these made it really hard to fly slowly, I don’t know, but it was like a different aeroplane. So I had an excellent 20 minutes trying various things, and landed again. By this time, it was time to set off for a dinner date at The Parlour (Bredy Farm) 10 minutes away. The flying was better than the dinner, which I cannot recommend. 

Overall, then. I’d set the plane up using settings from the PB2 as a template, and with the CG at 100mm the two planes were almost indistinguishable, except that the PB3 is more willing to go round the corners. And that’s what you want from an F3F plane. 

Sorry, no pictures. I was lured out at quite short notice by the promise of the weather and the SSW wind.



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I charged the battery last night - the 1100mAh one. After 40 minutes of flying, it took 265mAh to restore full charge. 
I don’t know how far it is safe to discharge Li-Ions, but I should be OK for an hour and a half, I would think.

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Hi all, 

If anyone flies with the Pit3 and would be so kind to share experience based setups would be great.

- The CG is read to be between 100-105. (maybe even towards back end possible?) What is the conclusion out of that?

- How the manufactrurer given controll throw works (DR/Expo) and what did you modify?

- Used fly modes and their fine setups?

- mixes used?

Many thanks and greetings from Hungary:


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