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Here's hoping for a more successful year in 2021.

Whether they actually happen or not - these are the dates!

Mar 27–28    Champion of Champions, HoH
Apr 11    BMFA L1, Bwlch    BMFA
May 15–16    BMFA Nationals, Bwlch
May 30    BMFA L2, Whitesheet    BMFA
June 5–6    BMFA Nationals (Reserve), Bwlch
June 13    BMFA Reserve 1 (Wales/Whitesheet)
June 25–27    South of England Open
Jul 25    BMFA L3, HoH
Aug 8    BMFA L4, Long Mynd
Aug 21–22    English Open
Sept 17–19    Welsh Open
Sept 26    BMFA Reserve 2, (Long Mynd/ Hole of Horcum)

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Unfortunately, this year is once again not going to plan.

But there is some light on the horizon. The Whitesheet club have very kindly given access to their slopes to run a competition on May 2nd. As it is unlikely that we will be able to use Wales on April 11, this date is a replacement for L1.

We will try to run any event that we can this year - however if there are regional travel restrictions in place preventing participation from all, then the event will not score as part of the BMFA League.


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