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Wind speed meter

John Minchell

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John Minchell

Anyone used and can recommend a wind speed meter?

Preferably with humidity, air temperature (and anything else useful when slope or flat field flying)

Oh, and not for stupid money either.

TIA John M

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5 minutes ago, Phil.Taylor said:

most its seen is 82mph on Lundy - folks were still flying !


flying 3mtr models    

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At about £150 the Skywatch BL400 probably falls into the 'stupid money' category but they are really good - temp, pressure, humidity, wind speed. They also give a rolling average wind speed and seem remarkably good at giving you the direction too but I don't understand how.

I find it handy as I can hold it above my head while looking down at an easy to read display on my phone. You can also screen shot it and make your mates jealous when you're on the hill in a good blow and they aren't!

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I have one of the cheap orange ones as per DaveH's link above. It works fine, however I found the lithium button battery didn't last very long and was frequently flat when I arrived at a slope. It was not easy to replace at the slope. I have therefore soldered a lead directly to the internal button battery contacts and now use an external AAA size four cell Rx battery and of course the indispensable bits of velcro. I disconnect the battery when storing. Now I'm never short of a battery and could charge from the car if necessary. The slightly higher nominal voltage does not effect the meter readings.



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