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LiPo Battery Charging Safe advice

Marc RC pilot

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Marc RC pilot

Having fairly recently invested in a half decent charger and lipo batteries, I would like some advice on getting a safe box or charging safe box and how imperative they are to have before I start using/switching to lipo tech. I generally never leave any batteries on charge unattended, but the possibility of a fire risk/implications of  one when they are stored does concern me tbh,. 

Santa told me that Hobbyking are doing a 'Bat-Safe LiPo Battery Charging Safe Box' which looks good with positive customer feedback; Funky looking box I must say... :)  It does seem like a no-brainer to have one.

Any advice/ recommendations is appreciated, thank you.




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After having a 6s lipo go up in flames,  my own stupid fault. Anything you can do to limit this risk is a great idea, as it was a bloody scary episode. Thanks for  Hobby King info.

regards Wayne.

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Marc RC pilot

Jesus Wayne, that must have been scary... You say it was your fault,  do you mean because you didn't have a battery safe or was something you did that "encouraged" the batteries to ignite? 

I hope you and yours where ok. 

Either way your experience has confirmed to me that having one is a must.


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the bigger the battery the more potential it has for destruction.      Providing the lipo has not been abused and not swollen up like a balloon then storing at storage charge they are very safe  (I still store in a lipo bag).     If you have lots of lipos then I'd be tempted to separate them out - that way you don't lose everything in one go!

Humans make mistakes! It's inevitable.     A simple, easy to use charger will reduce the risks of you using the wrong settings while charging but yes it can happen.   Lipo fires are more likely due to human error than the lipo / charger itself.

I always charge at 1C or less.   

Don't abuse the batteries (don't pull more amps than they are rated for).

Don't store lipos fully charged

Don't allow the voltage to go too low  (dispose of the battery if you do).

Don't leave unattended,   charge outside or at the field, or in a lipo bag or in a fire safe area.


MAKE SURE WHEN DRIVING TO AND FROM YOUR FLYING SITE the LIPOS are stored safeley.    Car fires do happen when the unsafe LIPO is left in the model in the back of car.


I replace my DLG batteries every season,   but I've still got 3S lipos from 2012 which whilst they've had light use are still working perfectly fine.   I've parallel charged for years without issue.


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It was 100% my fault, due to rushing at the time. Using my old Schulze 330 charger that was on the wrong setting. Was a 6s 2600mah pack thankfully in a lipo charging bag. Thankfully I charge by the door of my workshop (eg Shed) and the door was fully open, Assembling a model outside the door. Not sure how long as I never charge very fast, but entering the shed a funny smell court my attention. Looking around I saw the battery had swollen up badly inside the bag, I disconnected it and threw it out of the shed. It went up before it hit the ground and now the Roman candle like flame was easily 4 to 5 feet high with a vicious force to it. I got it further away from the shed And contained it with the hose. I promise you this is the truth and it scared the life out of me, if I had not been there my shed would have gone up easily without a doubt.

I am not new to this hobby, off and on for over 40 years. Had many lipo batteries and new all the dangers, and still it happened. The warnings by cirrusRC are very real, these bloody things will bite you.

Not trying to scare anyone, and hope I’m the only twit this happens to.
Cheers Wayne.

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Ammo storage boxes are another option, drill a few holes in the lid or remove the rubber seal and drill a hole or 2 for the charger wires, use some some scrap foam/ cement board etc on the bottom as cold surfaces can affect charging especially if the pack is lying flat on a cell (takes longer to balance charge IME).  



The ammo boxes are good for transporting lipo's too, again a couple of holes in the lid or remove the seal as it shouldn't be air tight in case gasses fill the box, if a fire starts in a sealed box it becomes a bomb!



Loads of videos on different ammo box designs if the above don't appeal


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