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North Yorkshire returner ...

Paul Wellacott

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Paul Wellacott

Hi all, just thought I’d drop a quick post to introduce myself. 
Getting back into the hobby after quite a long break, currently building an INTRODUCTION F5J

its been a while, as you can see by my last membership card! 


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Marc RC pilot

Welcome back Paul! :)

I have been in a similar position as you regarding getting back into it after many years layoff. Started back with a simple foamy wing (Alula)  to get my feet wet again, then an old 1.5 Longshot DLG to start back on full house controls/get my head around the new digital age of radio gear and Opentx programming etc. I also recently acquired an old Algebra 2.5m ruder/elevator model (I've had a love affair with Algebras from day one) and got a bungee/quick launch system also for flat field flying. I'll most prob be working my way up to my dream 2.75m/3.25m full house F3J type sports models in future as well as some 3m-ish lightweight floaters. 

After a fair bit of saving, I did treat myself to an Auri dlg a while back. This will be my first all mouldee/high-end modern kit and I will most prob start finishing her after Christmas (I'm in the process having to move flats...). 

I looked up your INTRODUCTION F5J model that your are building and it looks fab/flies lovely. Good luck on the maiden flight!



Tally Ho!



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