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Harry Peberdy

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Harry Peberdy

Is it possible to obtain buy copy ? The sound tape that is used for f5j as we have three of use at my club ho are interested in getting into some sort of competition next year and would mean we could get some practice in as not to be a pain to the more professional pilot's out there if it ever gets possible.

Thanks for looking 



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I  have an F5J timing file in MP3 format you are welcome to.

It cannot be posted here  or sent via a pm as it is too large. 

pm me your email address and I will mail it to you


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some files on www.Jojoen.no  .

dosn,t matter what your skill levels are ,we welcome all to the competition scene 

There can be social banter amongst seasoned pilots that some see as off putting  .Just ask questions get to know people and you will find the most welcoming group within model flying .


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Harry Peberdy

Thanks for the reply Pete has sent me the sound file which we can use I have met you at Buckminster we had a chat I like your banter if I remember rite you make the tophat for the ends and the nice caringbox from roofing material you might remember me I have the little jack Russell or maybe not.



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