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2m F3-RES / F5-RES Challenge League Table (2021)


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This was my best flight of the day and there was NOTHING that would lift the thing up.

I am claiming 4:15 .......... And boy did I fight for that !




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13 hours ago, cirrusRC said:

Sadly we've lost our field for the time being.  Hopefully the RES will be back in action next year.

Thanks Martyn for running this challenge 👍

Second that - thanks Martyn!

Re loss of your field, ours was cut and the bales removed some time ago, so let me know if you'd like to come up here as/when we've got workable conditions.

BTW, having rather foolishly hurt my lower-back by over-practicing DLG launches a few weeks' ago, I'm back on the bungee-launched business...!

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Thanks Jon that's very kind - appreciated.  Weekend looks ideal but I've a multi day cycling adventure planned so flying out.

Maybe next week if this high pressure holds off long enough.  Hope your back recovers - I suffer with mine too.

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