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3M77 replacement / Supplier for covering EPP Models


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Hello All

I am building a Wowings Boobby again after 15 odd years, and everything has changed.

Well not the booby, although Wowings is in different hands and the new owner and I don't see eye to eye, but that's a different discussion.

I was after covering suppliers, typical 3m77 and 2" cross weave tape and then cosmetic covering.

I have used lam film and have some but not interested in doing that to the booby.

Where are you guys getting your 3M77, or what alternatives are you using that sprays fine (Not like carpet glue that spits it out in globs)

What about Cross weaves, this seems more accusable @ places like Phoenix Models and the likes. Are there any specific cross weaves or off shoots Bri Axial or something smart?

And then we have also lost sloartex. Thats a sad one. what are people using as a replacement? I saw oratex @ £30/ role and nearly fell off my chair.... 

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You can't get 77 spray cheap if that's what you're asking. They also I believe changed the forumla. I have not used any in the new packaging.

Another alternative from 3mis their spray mount. It comes in a smaller tin. Still not exactly giving it away but a bit cheaper.

There are also sprays designed for positioning glass and carbon cloth bit I don't know how well they go on EPP in long term.

You can still get solartex direct from solarfilm. I believe they are selling the remaining stock. 

I haven't bought any x weave tape for years but I think it did come from PMP. eBay certainly has lots. Dunno how you spot for quality on there. 

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