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1.5m should I upgrade

Dan p

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Hi i have a flipper 1.2m  like the idea of getting 1.5m 

Would it be better if windy.

And maybe better in light lift. 

I was flying yesterday wasnt much lift about. Most flight can down in 1.20min. This flight just under 3min. If I had 1.5 might find easyer to stay up 

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Neil Harrison

Hey Dan

I have no idea about your background and flying abilities.....?

The fact that your out there flying DLG is amazing, it sounds like you have some sort of good program on your FrSky TX with telemetry set up, so you can't be all that bad? lol

There is so much to learn about F3K it's hard to put it all in words......this however is the very best place to ask for advice as there is a wealth of knowledge and experience at your fingertips.

I wouldn't get too hung up about what model your flying right now, there is so much to choose from.  There is a lot to learn about throwing, settings, air reading, strategy and flying before you even think about a new model......I guess you will know when the time is right to change, you need to wring everything out of your existing model and say to yourself, did I make the best of the air that was available, did I launch as high as I could, before you get your cheque book out 😉

Remember, no question is a stupid question..........so please ask anything you like  


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Thanks. liking the idea of getting 1.5m but your right. Guess the long I fly this and better I get. When I do upgrade it will stay in better condition for longer. 

In still air. With about 35m hight   Throw. I'm getting about 1.20mins  

Is that about right.  Finding the right trim for  Minimum sink is tricky

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