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Pete Beadles Laying to Rest

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Today at 1.45pm Pete Beadles family and a few close friends will be saying their final goodbyes to Pete. Pete's sister Brenda sent me the order of service. Hopefully for those who want to take a moment at 1.45pm today the order of service will bring back fond memories of one life's characters.


Rest in peace Pete.

Order of Service page 2.docx

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2 hours ago, Nicholls said:

I'm pleased I took up the invitation to say a distant farewell. RIP Pete

Unfortunately I never saw the invite. Will it be available as a download?


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On the site they say it is an option the funeral directors/relatives can arrange. Best to go on the site and see what comes up. 


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We need the funeral director to make the video of the service available for viewing again. Unfortunately, with no contact with either the family, nor any clue as to who the funeral director is / where it took place, we have no way of requesting it. 

Am I alone? I think I am probably not alone in this. If anyone has any info, to enable us to request this service, I am sure that a lot of people that are hurting right now, would appreciate it. 

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Thank you for your comments. If the video can be made available it will. Pete's brother really struggled to deliver his eulogy and Pete's sister was very distressed yesterday. 

I will be contacting them tomorrow to see if this is possible. In the meantime can I suggest we respect their privacy and give them some time to heal.

Thank you for your consideration and respect for the process of grieving.







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