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Interglide 2021


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If the government stick to the current roadmap for unlocking then Interglide 2021 will be able to go ahead so the date has been set for the weekend of July24/25th at Hamilton Farm Airstrip near Ashford.

The  'traditional' date for Interglide is around the 3rd week of June but we have moved the date back by a month for two reasons. Firstly the later date improves our chances of being freed from the restrictions of Covid 19 and, secondly, the date places Interglide more evenly spaced between the other major F5J competitions of Radioglide at the end of May and the Nationals at the end of August.

We will not be taking entries yet in case there is any change to the Covid plan which could scupper our plans but, fingers crossed, an entry form will be published in April

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It looks as if the government's road map for unlocking is proceeding on schedule so the plans for Interglide on July 24/25th are going ahead.

Just in case there is a change announced an entry form will not be published until the latest road map update which is scheduled for 17th May 

In the meantime the Radioglide entry form is available via the 'Radioglide' section above and that weekend is now less than a month away so make sure that you have entered that first!

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Entries for Interglide 2021 over the weekend of 24/25th July are now being taken.

The event is taking place at the excellent flying site used for the last 3 years at Hamilton Farm Airstrip near Ashford in Kent.

Entries can be made via the Interglide web site www.interglide.co.uk 

All subject, of course, to any Covid restrictions which may be in place at the time. At the moment its looking good but if there should be a change to the 'road map' which requires us to cancel then any fees paid will be refunded.

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Now less than two weeks before Interglide 2021 and Boris has given us his personal assurance that we can go ahead!

Unfortunately travel restrictions have largely ruled out our overseas friends ability to compete so there is still room for more UK pilots to enter before the deadline of next weekend. Entries can be done on line via the Interglide web site www.interglide.co.uk 

Hamilton Farm Airstrip near Ashford is a magnificent flying and even the weather is at last looking as it is going to cooperate so don't wait until the last minute and miss out.


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Timetable for the weekend - all subject to the cooperation of the weather!

Friday 23rd   Airfield open for practise and registration

Saturday 24th:  9.30am Pilots briefing

                         9.45am - 1.00pm  Rounds 1-3

                         1.00pm - 2.00pm    Lunch

                         2.00pm -  6.00  Rounds 4 - 6

                         Evening BBQ bring you own food

Sunday 25th     9.45am - 1.00pm  Rounds 6 - 9

                         1.00pm - 2.00pm        Lunch

                         2.00pm    Fly off rounds 1- 3 

                         4.00pm     Prize giving

The matrix will be published on this web site and on the Interglide web site on Wednesday

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Mike Connell

Some images from Interglide 2021. Report to follow. The winner was Neil Jones














































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Overall results from rounds 1-9 and the fly off scores attached.

Congratulations to Neil Jones on a well deserved win. More details and reports to follow when exhaustion permits.


Interglide F5J Pre flyoff 2021Overall Results Page 1.jpg

Interglide F5J Pre flyoff 2021Overall Results Page 2.jpg

Interglide F5J Pre flyoff 2021Overall Results Page 3.jpg

Interglide F5J flyoff 2021 Flight Scores.jpg

Interglide F5J flyoff 2021 Overall Results.jpg

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The Winner and the 2nd to 7th placed flyers


Neil Jones Winner.jpg

Cengiz Philcox 2nd.jpg

Colin Paddon 3rd.jpg

Kevin Beale 4th.jpg

Graham Wicks 5th.jpg

Peter Allen 6th.jpg

Garry Matthews 7th.jpg

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I was told that flying toy gliders was good for relieving stress and my mental health.

Unfortunately it turned out not to be true. 

Nowadays my friends are turning their backs on me and I am living under a big black cloud




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Many of the F5J Eurotours scheduled for 2021 have been cancelled or postponed but UK regulations permitted this sort of event so we decided to go ahead with Interglide this year as a Eurotour in spite of Covid travel restrictions making it almost impossible for any of our overseas friends to attend.

However, Covid had another trick up its sleeve by causing some of our best pilots to be 'pinged' just before the competition so forcing them to isolate and withdraw.

The Great British weather also decided to play tricks by ending the hot spell with a forecast of thunderstorms over the whole weekend. As it turned out the day of practise and setting up on Friday was sunny but windy. Early Saturday morning was greeted with thunder and lightening but when flying commenced the sun came out and the winds dropped to very light and variable. Six rounds were completed followed by a BBQ in the hanger on Saturday evening.

Sunday also began sunny and calm but during the final rounds in the morning the cloud bubbled up and flying was punctuated by the occasional heavy rain shower which slowed up progress. The afternoon fly off was reduced to two rounds and partly took place under the threat of a very heavy black cloud which made visibility very difficult.

Neil Jones was the only pilot capable of achieving a good score in these conditions so justifiably won the fly off. A very popular victory as Neil also provided some generous sponsorship from his company Flightech

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Chris Lawson from Rye News came along to see what it was all about and reported as follows


The European Model Gliding Championships flew into Hamilton Farm, near Hamstreet last weekend but sadly, the usual contingent of European competitors was missing due to European Covid-19 travel restrictions.

This didn’t, however, deter some serious “flying” from a band of 22 dedicated competitors from across the UK.

Peter Allen, the contest director said; “We’ve contestants from as far afield as Scotland, Northumberland, Dorset, and Worcestershire, not forgetting those from Kent, Sussex and Surrey.”

Running over two days with nine slots (or heats) for flying, culminating in a final “fly off”, the contest is points based, with up to six competitors flying against each other in ten-minute slots with points awarded, or deducted, for take-off, time in flight, and accuracy for spot landing.

Among the “aces” flying at Hamilton Farm, were six who have represented the UK at international level in overseas events. Colin Paddon, from East Grinstead, is a reserved, almost shy, Top Gun among these enthusiasts. A multiple national champion, he laughs as he says: “We’re all just big kids, playing with very expensive toys.”

These “toys” weigh in at 1400grams, have a carbon moulded fuselage and a four-meter wingspan. Competition models cost anything up to £2,500.

The contest was organised by the British Association of Radio Control Soarers (BARCS).

Anyone interested should visit the British Model Flying Association website to find their nearest club.

“We’re a friendly bunch of enthusiasts” said Peter Allen (in fact Ian Nicholls in my email to him), “And we love welcoming new people to the hobby and are happy to train them in any discipline.”


Many thanks to him and Rye News.

Unfortunately he requested to be informed by me if there was a fly off however I was taking a long walk to retrieve my Shadow and then be the voice of the "Timer" as both the Electronic scoreboard and the sound system suffered various maladies one of which was caused by the rain.

RN 1.jpg

RN 2.jpg

RN 3.jpg

RN 4.jpg

RN 5.jpg

RN 6.jpg

RN 7.jpg

RN 8.jpg

RN 9.jpg

RN 10.jpg

RN 11.jpg

RN 12.jpg

RN 13.jpg

RN 14.jpg

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I would now like to dedicate my victory at Interglide 2021 to John Elliot. He was my friend, my mentor (in my formative years of life as well not just RC) and the person who taught me to fly.

Many a happy time spent up on Garway Hill and Hatteral hill with him. He was an inspiration to me.

Very sadly he passed away this morning.  Absolutely gutted. 


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Very sorry to hear that news Neil. John was a great builder and pilot. RIP

Nice gesture Neil.


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