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Any mileage in a specific thread for 3d print files



What’s the consensus on a specific topic for collecting 3d print files specific to our hobby?

I’ve designed quite a few bits & pieces to make life easier when building and fitting out, and I’m sure there are lots of others who have interesting designs too. I think there will be a printable version of my CoG balance from Dana E Hager soon too 😃

Some parts I’ve designed are spinners, numerous servo mounting frames, my variable camber AMT linkage, balsa triangle section cutter, perpendicular rib holders, CNC hot wire cutter etc.

Another thought is for excel spreadsheets and other programmes. For example, I have one that will take any closed PLT file and produce a DAT file for CNC foam cutting.

General thoughts from members and specifically your thoughts on the feasibility Austin?

Happy building and soon, flying!

Neil P

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I think this would be a good idea. It's an area where there is much to learn, and many opportunities for pitfalls on the way, so a separate sub-forum would be useful. Of course, my answer has nothing to do with the fact I am looking long and hard at getting a 3-D printer in the next couple of months...! :)

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Hi Paul,

I’ve built & modified numerous filament 3d printers over the years (no resin ones because of the limited resin properties available); XY, Core XY and deltas; each have their merits.

Willing to share my experience if it would be helpful in selecting the best type for your needs. For successful 3d prints, most effort is needed in the design of the item to be printed!

BTW: Now the C of G balance files are available to download in the builders workshop forum 😃

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