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YODA from Vladimir


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I might be a bit slow but just came across the YODA model. Watched a couple of vids of it and read a little note on the Hyperflight page. Seems interesting. As a beginner I was wondering what you more experienced guys' take on it would be? Marketing or an actual step forward as mentioned by Joe Wurts (helped design it)? 

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Polyhedral 4 Servo Wing Benefits
• Better stability for lower drag penalty than equivalent single dihedral wing
• Lower drag when using ailerons
• Wing and horizontal tail adverse interactions virtually eliminated
• Much better handling qualities, especially when thermal camber is used
• Much easier control mix optimization
• Use flap differential to eliminate aileron to pitch cross-talk
• Use aileron differential to minimize adverse yaw effects
• Very good handling when full flaps are deployed
• Lower risk of control surface flutter due to smaller span control surfaces

In Joe's own words "My personal opinion is that this design will change the market, and the greatest benefactors will be the typical pilot rather than the very 
top end competitor. It is so easy to fly, and easy to fly well."


Time will tell I guess.   I'd be interested in a f5k version.  Would like to see comparison of turn around task using full flap on conventional dlg Vs Yoda.



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