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GliderScore Time Entry Interface


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With a view to improving the time entry screen when using GliderScore on a mobile device, I've put together a page with a couple of alternatives that I'd appreciate some feedback on. The main idea is to allow the use of the "keypad" keyboard and therefore to have a text entry field (or fields) with some processing on the submitted values to ensure they are valid.

If there is any kind of consensus then I will pass this on to Gerry Carter who would have any final decision on implementing the changes (or not).

Have a look here (and try it on your phone/tablet too) and let me know if you have any (constructive!) feedback.


Scoring pages for the forthcoming league events will be appearing here:


[I've mainly tested on my iphone in Safari, so I would not be surprised if it doesn't quite work as advertised on Android devices]

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Simon B

Nice work Paul, All worked fine on my two year old moto g7 Android 10, but, entering the tenths "box" causes the page to jump off the screen to the left as the boxes appear too long, flipping to landscape made the scale and proportions get worse and harder to navigate... if my humble limited experience is any help. Looking forward to an opportunity to catch up with everyone, and field testing. 

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Hi Paul

Worked fine in both Vivaldi and Opera on my Xiaomi RedMi 9C, Android 10. Didn't try the supplied Mi Browser as it wanted to collect **** data 😞

If the 'Guided multi-box' boxes could be made narrower then that would make life easier for input, as Simon says ( 🙂 ) they're too wide and then not so easy.

I know only a trial but on 'Existing GS' I got a screen full 012345012345 - not 1 - 10.

GMB that fitted screen would be an improvement on EGS.

For F3K the tenths box is needed? If tenths box had 0 as default that would make GMB easier to use for F5J perhaps?


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Thanks for the feedback Simon and Tony.

The width thing is just down to me being lazy - it was really the ease of getting the right numbers input that I was looking for feedback on.

In general, is it easier to the select the values from the list, enter them in one big box, or enter them in the 3 boxes (with the auto-move between boxes if you "fill" the current one)?

If the tenths of a second was not required (e.g F5J) then I would expect it to not be displayed to avoid any confusion. I assume its not there in the current interface.

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Nick Jackson

iPhone 11, Safari.

Guided multibox: the numbers are being cut off for me at the right.

Much prefer typing in the numbers in whichever version to the current drop-down system. If any hassles about pilots picking up the format they will presumably still get to play around to sort it until they hit 'Submit'.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Guided multi-box works best for me. All worked fine, iPhone 11pro safari, can’t be bothered to check version 😂

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