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Additional F3F date 2nd May White Sheet

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Hi all,

Just a quick note to say there is an additional date of 2nd May at White Sheet added to the 2021 F3F BARCS thread  HERE and to the GBSRA calendar HERE.  Just mentioning this as several F3F fliers I have spoken to this weekend were unaware of the added date.

Contest opening will be via the normal summer league system of Mark Treble opening an entry on the GBSRA site 2 Wednesdays ahead (21st April), and possibly announcing this on the BARCS thread.  Note there are now a potential 4 competitions (and 2 reserve dates) between 2nd May and 25th June.


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Does this mean the reserve date of June 13th will automatically kick in for Wales now   as it wont go ahead  

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I would hope that the reserve can be in Wales.  It remains to be seen whether 2nd May is adopted as an extra League comp or simply an Open event.

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Entry for BMFA L1 will open this Wednesday at 10p.m.

It looks like travel from Wales and Scotland is allowed, so it will be the start of the BMFA League provided there are no changes to the restriction lifting schedule.

I will enable the PayPal link after the weather call on Friday 30th to save having to give refunds if called off.

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