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Bartletts F5J League 2021


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As a result of me not stepping back when volunteers were called for to run this league I've taken up the role.

These are the dates of the events that will qualify for BARCS F5J League being held at Bartletts and in Kent although there may be others added

April 18th run by KI at Gravesend

July 4th Bartletts

August 15th Bartletts

Sept 5th run by KI at Sutton Valence

Full details and entry will be on the BARCS Electric Soaring and F5J Forum 

Entry £5.00 payable on the day.

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Nice to see the name is still being used, as the Bartletts comps, were the first all electric comps in this part of the country. There is a shield for the winner each year, that is passed on to the next winner. Was donated by Jan Foster, whose land we used then.

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I as the last winner in 2019 have a silver salver with Essex Quiet Flight Association on it is this the shield you refer to?

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1 hour ago, Nicholls said:

I as the last winner in 2019 have a silver salver with Essex Quiet Flight Association on it is this the shield you refer to?

Yes that is the one, Ian.

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Results of Bartletts Round 1

Report of joint Kent Interclub Electric 1 and Bartletts League Rd 1 held at Gravesend on April 18, 2021

It’s a long time since I arrived at the flying field at 0830 for a competition starting at 10:00 and be behind 10 others.

The sun was shining bright with little wind bettering the already fine forecast.  17 entrants flew 5 rounds with one dropped having a lunch break rather than the 6th round and allowing those who travelled long distances to get away.

Test flying started at 10am and many new models were seen further details below.

Derek Price of the Medway Model Flying Club was CD and the field kindly provided by Gravesend Aeromodelling Club, and me as the GliderScore man and eScoring by telephone upload of scores was used throughout.

Congratulations to the KI winner Colin Paddon, 2nd Graham Wicks and 3rd Garry Matthews.

Conditions were not that varied, initially with only small weak thermals to be found in a low wind of 0-4mph. Buoyant air was also used to fly out the round without going much higher than launch height and several saves from low altitude were seen and not all rounds were flown out. The lowest launch height was 22m by Wixy as can be seen from the Launch Height Results

Colin Paddon flew his latest version own design and built Proglide model this one with a long since seen T tail.

Graham “Wixy” Wicks flew his Vertigo (once alarmingly fast at low level with wings flapping due to disorientation).

Garry Matthews with his Prestige 2PK

Alan Twine and Derek Collings flew their brand new Ospreys to good effect.

Richard Harris flew (and parked it in a tree but safely recovered) his Optimus with another “windy version on standby.

Bob Ryan flew a new Infinity EVO vee tail that he is still getting accustomed too.

Bob Hope flew his two regular “bitza” models one balsa and the other a vee tail based on Xplorer wings.

Peter Mitchell flew a colourful Plus X (windy wing but around 1340g for its 3.9m span) instead of his usual Prestige 2PK.

Eddy brought his Xplorer and his latter big flap Explorer in his preferred identical white with blue trim colour schemes.

Nick flew his Infinity whilst doing his usual walking around all over the place.

Alan Harris flew his well used old school 100” Eliminator.

Terry Letchford another to enjoy clipping a tree with his Radian XL but took away his first mouldie a Shadow 1 which he will learn to fly with flaps and things.

David Teal entered his first Thermal comp probably for 30 odd years with an old 3m Algebra with a pod mounted motor above the wing. Unfortunately the highest it could reach in 30 seconds was 100m but typically 80. He too left with a Shadow 2 purchased from Richard Harris’ in his old standard colours of green with red trim.

Landings on the close cut runway proved difficult for many with some skidding 3-8 metres after touchdown Steve Knowles experiencing this with his Shadow 2.

Mike Connell brought his Erwin which unfortunately hit a tree but was retrieved in reparable condition but only after circumventing some electric fences to do so. He then flew his Olly until that had the balsawood elevator control break away. We can all benefit from the excellent photos he took during the day for which we thank him.

Out of 17 entrants only two model types were duplicated the Shadow and Osprey.

One entrant knowing his own abilities and cost of models reluctantly withdrew as he wasn’t happy with the closeness of the trees and subsequent restricted landing approach. I supported him in making that decision and no doubt his personal decision was justified as at least 5 gliders hit or landed in them.

I’ll admit to having a few “first competition of the year” hiccups but GliderScore worked just fine but my 3+ year old ex-winch battery dropped below working voltage for my inverter.

Overall Results KI E1 and B1 Gravesend 18042021.jpg

Landing Results E1 B1 2021.jpg

Launch Heights.jpg

Colin Paddon 1st with Derek Price CD.jpg

Wixy 2nd.jpg

Garry Matthews 3rd B1 Overall.jpg

Flight scores.pdf

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steve knowles

Richard, Ian 

Thank you for organising last Sundays comp at Gravesend.

Conditions were superb and we had a great day's flying.


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