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Explorer Q wing bags

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Al Morgan

Does anyone know of a supplier/manufacturer of wing bags for an Explorer Q 3.8?

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Justin Mellor

Yes - CaseModels on Facebook. My ExQ 3.8 wing bags should arrive this week or next - they are on their way from Olga in the Ukraine. I will let you know what I think of them when they arrive. 80 Euros for wing and tail bags and postage to the UK.

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Al Morgan

Thanks. Should have mine finished in the next few days. Would be good to know what you think of the covers.👍

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Justin Mellor

Hi Al - got the covers now - really pleased with them. They are beautifully made, and a perfect fit.

The ExQ just fits in my Hyperflight bag now, with the covers on. It has taken several weeks to get them, but I think they are good value considering how well made they are.

HTH - Justin

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