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Chris Foss Phase Four and Phase 5

Gary B

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Have just completed the builds/refurbishment of these two models that were for sale local to me recently. The Phase Four was missing the canopy/radio hatch and was converted to a four servo wing by removing the mechanical mixers. It has a larger rudder and ventral fin than shown on the plan that I have so it is either either pre-1975 or built from a pre-1975 plan.

The Phase 5 was missing its tailplanes  (possibly unbuilt), had no fuselage servo mounts and the elevator pushrod had been left over length with no end fitting. The wing had the mechanical mix, single servo, four aileron setup which works freely and would have been risky to remove. Both models are Nylon/dope covered.

Both test glided at a flat field yesterday and ready to go once the wind changes direction.




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I loved my Phase 4. Had a surprising turn of speed if i remember rightly, or perhaps I just scared easily back then 🤣

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Will find out soon!

I've got the Phase One, Two and 2.2 (bigger wing) to build for a complete set. I built a wooden Centi-Phase fuselage not so long ago, need to finish it off.




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Yes, they were only 15 miles from me which is a factor if I'm bidding for stuff, the furthest I have been is Colchester to collect a NIB Multiplex Akro kit, 120 miles.

They were filthy, rubber gloves job. To be fair the chap did say he does nothing to them. He said they were from Sussex but no other clues as to who might have built them.

Built the Akro in the second lockdown, waiting test flight with a Cortina and Twist.




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John Minchell

Lets see some pics of the Cortina please Gary - a real rarity that one now. 

A few years ago I lent my fuselage to Richard Hardwick, who has a composites business, for him to take a mould and to make new fuselages from..  I must confess I am still half way through the rebuild of it and some pics might be the motivation needed to get on with it.

John M

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Posted (edited)

Hi John, no problem, I have plenty!

This Cortina was built in 1995 according to a pencil note on the canopy base, I believe it has never flown.

It had suffered damage in storage, cat claws through to the veneer, warped winglets and a section of wing tip broken off.

I stripped all the covering, repaired the veneer scratches, fixed the wing tip and rounded off corners of the control surfaces.

Removed the fuselage mounted elevon servos (leaving the single airbrake servo) and converted it to servos in the wing (pulled the extension cables through attached to the snake outers, one snake was glued to the foam and needed a flexible tubular cutting tool to remove).

Airbrake capping strips replaced.

Made two new winglets, added brass threaded inserts to the tip ribs for their Nylon bolts (previously just threaded into the ply).

Filled multiple pinholes in the fuselage and resprayed.

CG set using a 4500 mAh Ansmann car racing C cell NiMh hump pack.

It has switchable full span roll and pitch mixing.

RTF weights are: left wing, 1370 g, right wing, 1410 g and fuselage, 1128 g for a total of 3908 g (8.6 lb). One wing was significantly heavier than the other, lead added underneath (above?!) the outer elevon servo box on the light wing to balance.

Wing area is 95 dm2, 1473 sq in, wing loading 41 g/dm2, 13.5 oz/sg ft. Wing cube loading 4.2.

1. Original servo arrangement.


2. New arrangement.


3. Covering removed.


4. Wing tip damage with new tip rib.


5. Brass inserts for winglet bolts.


6. New winglets in progress.


7. Airbrake capping strips removed, cut outs refaced.


8. Recovering.


9. Airbrake binding fixed.


10. Wing servo arrangement.


11. Some graphics, might add more yet. The red dots on the wing joiner boxes are to identify which is used for each side (forward pair on the right, rear pair on the left).


12. Has been ready to fly since last August.


Edited by Gary B
Duplicated image problems
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  • 4 months later...

All three models flew for the first time at Ivinghoe today.

Phase 5:

Launched straight out and climbed away with two clicks of up elevator trim. Very nice! Sustained minor damage on the second landing where the wing bolt should have broke but tore the ply mounting plate out instead, will have to saw partly through the bolt in future.

Phase Four:

Launched straight out, very slightly twitchy on the elevator which I reset and possibly needs a tad more roll authority. I had programmed crow braking but it doesn't work well apart from inducing very tight loops!  

Multiplex Cortina:

Carefully rigged and checked over, been a long time since I programmed the radio. Launched straight, no trim required. Investigated the stall which is very tame but will eventually drop a wing and flick if provoked. Pulling excessively hard in tight thermalling circles induced a flick into a spiral dive. Airbrakes caused a nose up pitch change which was mixed out before the second flight.

Just the Multiplex Akro and Twist to fly now.



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