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F3 RES 2M Eli

Dave Russell

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I agree with what DaveH has posted above.

BMFA membership (for insurance at the very least) is a no-brainer, and do persevere with trying to find a club to join - there'll be members who'll be more than willing to help and guide you with all manner of things, and there'll probably be some who are into soaring which sounds like where your real interests are at?

I had a negative initial experience a few years ago with the small power club of which I'm now membership sec.  It only takes one or two people with perhaps limited people skills to put off newcomers, but I've helped change the culture to one of being more welcoming.  There's another club nearby which has a much easier flying site for power (flat, much less turbulence and no slope-lift/rotors) but I wasn't comfortable with its macho character so never joined.



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Just to add....  if you are new to fixed wing model flying, the chances of successfully learning to fly your model without help is pretty low.  It will also be more expensive, as a lone flyer, you will have more crashes.    

A club can give flight training and advice on all aspects of modelling.   If you are new to this, club membership is the way to go. 


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Dave Russell
12 hours ago, DaveH said:

Don't forget that you should join the BMFA, at least for the insurance and other benefits. 




Already a member, thanks.

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There is a dedicated Thermal and Slope Soaring Club - South Manchester


17.62 miles from Warrington

Club Type: Affiliated Club
Email: batsflyers@gmail.com
Phone: 0161 4833342

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