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Online scoring for F3K in 2021


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Some of you used this last time out at Fish Meadow, but for those that struggled to get to grips with it under pressure at the field or those who weren't there, I've put together a little video introduction that will hopefully guide you through the process of entering scores online.

As I mention in the video, this is not a requirement, its just something that makes things easier for the CD and once we all get used to it, hopefully makes things run faster and smoother for everyone.

If for whatever reason using the online scoring isn't possible then hand in a paper score card to the CD and make sure they know the scores haven't been entered online. You could also ask another flyer to do it for you if there is someone available.


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Thank Paul.  This is brilliant.  I really appreciate the effort you have put in to creating this.  Makes life so much easier for the CD and much easier for contestants to know where we are at during a contest.  

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Well done Paul, looks like a good app assuming the phone has web browsing (which most have). How much data would you expect to be used during a comp?

Not having used it so far, I presume you still need a piece of paper to jot down the timing for the quick turn around tasks as I suspect I would be too slow trying to enter each flight in real time. Is that how it works in practice?

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Yes. Exactly. 
Adding the scores online can be done between rounds. 
The idea is to minimise contact by avoiding passing timing slips around so you can get a stack of blanks and then note down the pilot and round details as you need them. Drop them in the collection box/area after you’ve done the online scoring.

As for data usage, quite minimal I would guess. Insignificant I would imagine unless you are on the smallest of data tariffs. 

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