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2021 Radioglide Report & Results


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Fantastic weather all weekend and big thanks to Steve Knowles and Ian Nicholls for making it happen. Great to see everyone again. Some very tricky conditions both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday featured very light winds and many pilots flying off at all angles to various reads. Some with success, others not. Sunday was windier with less pilots racing off to different parts of the sky. On both days I think all pilots suffered at least once or twice when circling in great lift to reasonable altitude only to have it totally evaporate on them and then quickly replaced by strong windy sink. In one particular group on Sunday I saw, about 4 or 5 models were circling and climbing well together in clearly very good air when suddenly one by one they each lost it. It was then a case of moving as quickly as possible whilst maintaining as much altitude as possible and avoiding as much of the sink as possible. After looking comfortable circling in lift at about 200m altitude I think only 2 of them made it back to their landing spots, and only one of them made their time (Steve Haley).

With the prevailing wind direction there was talk of the stiffish sea breeze coming off The Wash having quite a large influence at times. And this makes sense because whilst one slot would be a killer, the next slot might feature an easy thermal ride to huge altitudes. We even saw a couple of slots with big wave lift. So a real mixed bag and a very good test of pilot and plane over 12 rounds and 2 days.

Well done to Steve Haley, Peter Allen and Ian Duff. And also well done to Richard Harris who won the Lilienthal Trophy for top Radioglide newbie.

Below is a chart of top third of entrants for reference. Full results available on the Radioglide 2021 page.




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