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F3/5-RES June 19/20 & July 24/25 BMFA National Centre


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I have copied the following from a May 4th Facebook post.  I'll get Andy's contact details and add them here  (the PM reference is for facebook).


“F3-RES and F5-RES Meetings at Buckminster, 19th-20th June and 24th-25th July 2021 - an update.

•    Both events will go ahead unless regulations change in the meantime.

•    Buckminster COVID regulations (if applicable) will be in force on both weekends.

•    The Buckminster Campsite is open.  If you wish to make a booking, contact Buckminster direct.

•    The cost to attend the event will be the Buckminster fee of £10.00 per day.  There may be a further small charge if competitors are run.

•    There is currently no limit on attendees.  However, please PM me if you would like to attend so that I have an idea of the numbers attending.

•    Please attend the daily briefing at 10.00am.  If you arrive later, please contact me before flying.

•    Bungees will be provided, please don't lay out your own.

•    The June meeting will be in the form of a Fly-In with possible competitors on the Sunday, Competitions will be planned on both days for the July meeting.

If there are any questions, please post them here.

With thanks,

Andy Sephton”

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Andy Sephton

Thanks for posting the above message Mike.  Currently the weekend meeting on 19th and 20th June is still on, please PM me if you are planning to attend.


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@Andy Sephton   Hi Andy,   I was at Buckminster yesterday flying F3K.    Didn't get chance to come over.

You guys were getting huge launches off the bungee yesterday.    Would you mind answering a few questions for me.

1) How much ballast were you guys typically using on the Sunday?

2) What spec / make of bungee were you using.

thank you.

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The conversation about this meeting is mainly on the Facebook F3-RES and F5-RES - UK group.

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