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QR codes, bookmarks, menus

Nick Jackson

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Nick Jackson

You can get to the place you input your score by using a QR code, a menu or a bookmark. What's going on? Which is best? Is it safe?
(This will be an exercise in the bleeding obvious for some people but can be confusing)

What's going on?
For each pilot in each competition, GliderScore creates a personal web page. You access your page using the web browser (Chrome, Safari or whatever) on your phone. You put in your scores on your personal web page. Like every web page, yours has a unique, and long, URL (web address). QR codes, bookmarks and menus are just ways to get to your personal web page without having to type out its URL.

QR codes
QR (Quick Response) codes are fancy barcodes which can be scanned using the camera on your phone. When GliderScore creates your personal web page, it also creates a QR code corresponding to your page's URL (web address). The CD will usually send you a copy of your QR code, which you can print out. Scanning your QR code with your phone takes you to your personal web page. 

All web browsers allow you to 'bookmark' pages you have visited and will want to go back to - like your personal web page when you want to input scores.

Some organisers now create an additional list-of-pilots web page for a competition. Clicking your name on the list takes you to your personal web page. 

Which is best?
Whichever you're most comfortable with - all work fine.

  • A few years ago, QR codes could be fiddly - often required installation of a special app. Today the software is normally pre-installed on your phone and most people be will be familiar with using it, e.g. for Test and Trace check-ins. One no-no may be important if inputting for other fliers too: don't try to scan a sheet of paper containing more than one QR code. 
  • Bookmarks are useful to get back to your personal web page - once you've got there in the first place using QR code or menu. Not everyone is familiar with using bookmarks on a phone but worth learning.
  • Menus I think personally are the easiest system. Particularly useful for anyone asked to input scores for other pilots - easy to get to their personal web page(s) as well as your own.

Good idea, where possible, to find your page before the competition.


Is it safe?
It needs to be easy to access your personal web page (even if you're not comfortable doing fancy things on your phone). It needs to be easy to access other pilots' personal web pages (some will need help, sometimes just convenient for the helper to input rather than the pilot). Is ease of access - particularly use of menus - risky? What if someone else finds the URL for your personal web page? I don't think this is a significant risk (and will no doubt be corrected if wrong):

  • Serious stuff - not a problem. You are not putting your bank details / passwords or whatever into GliderScore. You are not giving access to your phone.
  • Integrity of the competition - not a problem. Someone intent on mischief who found your URL could input a wrong score for you. But you would notice when you went to input the right score and couldn't. The CD would fix it. The mischief-maker cannot delete or alter the right score once it has gone in.
  • Niggle - having to correct wrong scores inputted by a mischief-maker would be irritating for competitors and CD so it makes sense not to make URLs available on the web, as I did with one early menu. People using menus are now instead emailing the menu URL to competitors.
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