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Spektrum receivers for 1M dlg's

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I am considering buying another Armsoar Deviant 1M dlg, but have an issue with the installation of the receiver. I already own one and just managed to shoe-horn a Lemon model in the narrow opening, but needed to cut a piece out of the side/edge of the cockpit aperture to get the battery in  - not particularly satisfactory !

Anyhow, I'm suitably impressed with the Deviant to warrant adding one to my collection.

I understand from Armsoar that they are now re-positioning the servo tray to accommodate a Spektrum AR410 (with ease, they claim) - although there is a catch in the form of the receiver case needs removing. 

Is there anyone out there who's removed a case from an AR410 ? 

I'm not keen on forking out the £30-40 or so for one of these to find I've got to take a Dremel to it.

Any help , guidance, or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks  .............. Richard.

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I removed the case from the AR410. It wasn't mine and I was installing it for someone who was buying one of my models a while back.

The case is just a couple of clip together pieces of plastic. Replace the case with some electrical tape or heatshrink and it'll be fine. No idea how easy it will be to fit in the Deviant, but it'll certainly be easier than with the case!

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Just bear in mind that there is a rather large capacitor on there

I had to turn it round so the Cap went into the curve of the fuselage but once I did that it fitted quite easily alongside a 500mAh 1S LiPo :) 

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