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Svolazzo Maiden


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The Svolazzo that I’ve torn most of my hair out building, was maidened today at white sheet! Usual conditions up there, blowing a good wind on the bowl, but sometimes no lift at all, only helped by the odd thermal passing through. It looks beautiful in the air, but I had to land as the closed loop on the elevator was a bit slack, giving me double centring. That was fixed, and relaunched. I didn’t try the madstab as it was catching on the closed loop of the madrudder,to be fixed later. Even without all the “mad” settings, the rudder authority was ridiculous! I haven’t as yet, installed the wing twist servo,that will be a retro fit, if I get that far! I elected to use a small cable tie to retain the wings, as with such a thin section fuse, rubber bands are too fiddly. The cable tie is just cut at the end of a session, as I have plenty. A lot more setting up to do, but I think it will be a blast, when it’s dialled in. 


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