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Horsham F5J event on 1st August near Billingshurst Sussex


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Comp results and report.

With 20 entries I was looking forward to a fun comp at the Horsham field. Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, 5 could not come and they missed all the fun. Luckily, we had planned to have 3 slots of 7 so we managed to not have to re-matrix.

With everyone there early we got the flying underway at 9:45 to be sure that any rain that may turn up late afternoon as forecasted would not cause any issues with the comp. All the equipment and computer timing worked faultlessly and despite most people flying or timing in every slot everyone was ready to go and all slots were flown out.

Conditions with light westerly wind and broken cloud looked like it would be an easy day with some low launching. However, this is the Horsham field and nothing is a given with many slots not playing to the scripted needing a lot of searching and moving from week thermal to week thermal to get to the end of the slot. Thermals got better throughout the day until the last round when it started to get difficult again.

As the last slot landed a short shower of rain fell, perfect timing. Models and pilots headed for the cover of the trees and our field hut to pack up while the team set about getting the equipment away. After the shower all competitors were still at the field and it was good to see you all for the price giving. Full results are published below but the top three were; Colin Paddon first with 5000, 1.8 points ahead of Graham Wicks and Colin Lucas third.

Good fun day was had by all. Thanks to the Horsham club for the use of the field and for manning the gate.


Horsham F5J 1.8.21 Landing Results.pdf

Horsham F5J 1.8.21 Overall Results.pdf

Horsham F5J 1.8.21 Height Penalty.pdf

Horsham F5J 1.8.21 Flight Scores.pdf


Horsham F5J event on 1st August near Billingshurst West Sussex. £10 entry. Max 30 enties 10:00am prompt start 5 to 7 rounds. Entries here or email kevinbeale57@gmail.com  all welcome.


Please ensure you read the following notes and the attached documents.

1.    To enable the competition we have had to produce a Risk Assessment, please read this and ensure you abide by its contents while on site.
2.    Please limit the numbers of non flyers on the field
3.    Please remember this is a club facility, its members have given up a day’s flying so you can enjoy the competition please treat the field, the organisers and our neighbours with respect.
4.    Social distancing is to be observed at all times
5.    NO sharing of equipment, stop watches, pens, phones etc
6.    Sanitise any equipment that you come into contact with
7.    Regularly sanitise your hands
8.    Keep out of the marked control tent area
9.    We will start flying at 10am, the main gate to the field will be locked at 9:45am
10.    If you should feel unwell after the event with Covid symptoms you must inform the organiser and also the NHS

This is not a rerun of the cancelled comp earlier in the year. Please ensure you reenter if you are not on the following list.

Get your entries in.

List so far

Kevin Beale

Colin Paddon

Graham Wicks

Eamon Keating

Ian Nicholls

Derek Potter

Eddy Small

Ian Duff

Al Lipscmbe

Nick Jackson

Garry Mathews

Peter Sherlicker

Brian Austin

Gary Binney

Rob Adams

Terry Stuckey

Martin Garnet

Colin Lucas

Alan Twine

Andy Harrold


Edited by kevb
Results added
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Please enter me



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Please add me to the list Kev. 

Thanks Derek

BMFA 150549

BARCS 3846


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Eddy Small

Me too please Kev.

Eddy BMFA 063558  BARCS 3578.


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Al Lipscombe

Kev, Count me in please. we can try the campsite we found for last time.



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Hi Kevin,

Can you please add me to your list for this comp.


          Garry Matthews

BMFA 32611

BARCS 3628

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Kevin add me to your entry list

Peter Sherliker

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Gary B
Posted (edited)

Please enter me Kev.




Edited by Gary B
Requested to redact
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On 02/07/2021 at 19:04, Nicholls said:

I’ll try to avoid being near you as your flying is lacking in consideration for others and your model. You fail to shut down your motor when the model is out of control or damaged you bring it close to the other pilots instead of landing it quickly and safely away from others.  You have written off 3 ( maybe you’re a better repairer than me) in the last contests we were at.  I speak not just from my heart but from my brain which says someone must save you from a major if not fatal disaster. 

Not sure what this rant is about but this topic is for entering the Horsham comp. Anytning else should be delt with else where please.

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23 hours ago, andyharrold said:

Postcode/ directions for field please

Lordings farm, lordings Road, 

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Sorry to let you know I will not be coming after the Thursday entry deadline (I mistakenly thought it would be Friday) . 

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39 minutes ago, Nicholls said:


Sorry to let you know I will not be coming after the Thursday entry deadline (I mistakenly thought it would be Friday) . 

Hi Ian

I can conform that you are entered as per the list above.


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