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FPV head tracking or buddy box? or can you combine the two?


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Hi,  I am setting up a FPV slope soaring outfit. I am using an old Phase 2 for the air frame with stabilisation .
I am using a Jumper T16  as the main tx  unit with A Spetrum Dx8 as the buddy box ( basicaly because my flying buddy uses Spectrum mode 2). Dx8 and T16 linked wirelessly .The head track uses a lead that plugs into the trainer socket using channels 7 and 8.
If I set the T16 buddy box option to  "master/jack" the head tracker works well,but the buddy box does not work.
If I set the buddy box option to "master/multi" the buddy box works well, the head tracker does not work.
I definitly need the buddy box at least for the first few flights .Trying to locate the glider in the air after ripping off the headset is not good.
From past attemps I find the view from the headset too narrow to maintain orientation.
So any ideas on how to combine the two?
The signals on a  buddy box lead and the headtracker are PPM . There are Arduino devices that convert PWM (servo) signals to PPM.
so is there any device that could combine buddy box  ppm channels 1 to 4 with headtracker ppm channels 6,7 and 8?
It may be possible to convert both ppm outputs to pwm and them mix and match and connect the pwm signals to a pwm to ppm convertor?

Anybody know of a sutable Arduino progect?


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