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BMFA F3F League 3 Hole of Horcum 25th July


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24 minutes ago, Sloper said:

We don't have a direct north slope, it's either NE or the NNW face. NE is the better of the two. So if its dead north wind and light it's not gunna be much fun

Oh no, I need a new forecast!

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2 hours ago, Peter G said:

Jeez Rich, you needing some happy pills 😉

At least it won't be ******* down 

Lol been there many times trying to fly  a dead north direction, there's time yet it may swing NE then we're rocking ;)

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Just noticed the Apple Maps satellite image of the NW slope was taken on a busy day.

I need to decide in the next hour or so whether to load the van and go.


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38 minutes ago, knewt said:

Mike S and I have just talked ourselves into it. Should make it in time for a little pootle around tonight.

Well the good news is its predicting NNE which is better direction for us

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I had a nice hour just after midday 3ms but steady lift, wind was picking up as I left just in time for Mike


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If you’ve got a big lens this is what you can see from the car park. 

Got to be honest John, you inspired me to go and find somewhere to sleep for the night 🤣🤣

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Treble's bottom?

Looking for wind?

I had plenty, between 2-3 pm. 

Mixed with some thermic, it was a nice hour or so.  

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Found a nice spot for the night, five mins away from the slope.   Thick of it on the telly. Cold beer. Stir fry on.  All is good.


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Good luck for tomorrow guys 

It looked like John was doing some sort of sky God ritual praying for wind,bean and curry followed by lots of ale should do the job.

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Good day, certainly better than we were expecting.
Light winds in the morning, becoming more consistent as the day progressed.
Blue sky, and if you were lucky, a bit of thermal activity thrown in for good measure!
Some great flying, especially in those variable winds, but Mark Redsell proved the master at that, Rich Bago second and Mike Shellim a close third.

1 Mark Redsell 11423.9
2 Rich Bago 10787.33
3 Mike Shellim 10615.12
4 John Phillips 10605.37
5 Mike Evans 10283.37
6 Kevin Newton 10049.86
7 Aleix Ingles 10030.61
8 George Young 10000.64
9 Peter Gunning  9489.16
10 Bruce Hudson 9420.65
11 Mark Treble 9219.73
12 Jon Edison 9041.26
13 John Treble 8894.08

Fastest time: 40.62 by Mike Shellim in round 12

Thanks to all for helping out and making it an enjoyable get together
Full Results to follow

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Just got in.

For reasons that are too embarrassing to recount, Mark and I shared a model that neither of us had really tried out before. By the end of the day we had both managed a 44. More in a future BMFA News.

Even though I came last, I did better than I expected!

And what great weather at the end.

P.S. It’s the first time I have ever known myself to have been papped!

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