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MSA F5J Comp', 8th August at Fish Meadow, Upton Upon Severn


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Malvern Soaring Association 2nd/3rd F5J event, 8th August,10am start. Camping/campervans allowed on field.

Entry fee £5, height limiter available to hire if needed.

For those who want to camp at Upton for the F5J comps, contact the farmer directly to book a pitch. His details are;

Oliver Surman

Mobile 07788 441612


A post code of WR8 0PB will put you on the slip road to the entrance tunnel but do not turn left halfway down into East Waterside

  Please drive around perimeter of field on the track to the right after entrance tunnel.

Entries here, or email Ian Purcell, office@catkinscattery.net

1. Ian Purcell

2. Mike Raybone

3. Simon Conran,  1st time competitor, welcome!

4. Dave East

5. John Freeman

6. Steve Hannon

7. Pete Mitchell

8. Neil Jones

9. Alan Lipscombe

10. Ian Duff

11. Graham wickes

12. Ozzie Osborne

13. Cliff Hanham

14. Chas Dunster

15. Pete Allen

16. David Rivers. 1st time competitor, welcome!


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Simon Conran


BMFA 195226

Please note, first time at Malvern, and most of my flying has been with foamies on the Eastern region. 

Own height limiter. 

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  • Committee Member

Hi Mike

Long time since I got to fly at Fish Meadow so please add me to your list.

BMFA 33859 and all my own bits😀

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Please add me to list ,Long drive so intention is to arrive saturday  camp overnight .

Floods permitting .


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Ian Duff


Could you add me to the list please. As like Pete, I have all my own bits !



Ian Duff

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Hi Ian ,

Can you add me to the list,  I have a limiter

BMFA n012248

BARCS n3524


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