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Malvern, Fish Meadow, Sat 14th August


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Registration is open here: 



BMFA F3K League 15th May 2021 Malvern - at the Malvern Soaring Association field in Upton on Severn.

BMFA membership is required.

There is a field to fill in your "AMA#" - please insert your BMFA number there.

£10 entry fee.


As always, check this thread before traveling for final weather decisions.

New pilots are welcome (encouraged even!).

Location of the entrance to the field:

Google Maps



Some bonus directions as a few people have found it tricky previously: Google Maps satellite image view shows it very clearly. Exit the A4104 onto E(ast) Waterside. Drive to the end and turn right, heading back under the A4104 into the field. You'll end up driving along the Severn way pretty much. Please stick to driving along the track on the edge of the field. We'll park up about where the tent is on the Google maps image (shown as of 30/5/17). 

Expect access to the field to be available from 9am for a 9:45 briefing and prompt(!) 10am start.

The gate will be open at the start of the day for competitors to drive onto the field.  Then it will be locked again.  It can be opened again during the day if competitors need to drive in and out, time permitting. Spectators are welcome, but unless they want to stay all day like competitors, will need to park on the right along the slip road just off the main road.  The parking here is obvious and used by locals who come to walk the footpath around the field. Our club hosts are sensitive about vehicle access to the field, and we will be too busy flying, timing and running a comp (or at least trying to) to be back and forward all day to the gate.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Neil Harrison

The weather looks good enough to say its a go for tomorrow...

I will select tasks and run the matrix after 6pm to allow those on the fence to get their entries in.   If you don't know how to access F3X Vault to register then please reply here so we can add you in.

It will be a little breezy so don't forget your ballast.


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Neil Harrison

So we are on the minimum number of entries to make this a valid league scoring competition....

Please all confirm back that those entered will actually be attending????

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Thought 8 was min.  We have 9 registered.

Will pop down with dad. He can't time but will be glad of a change of scene. Do please say hello.

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Thank you Neil and PaulR for organising and running the contest on Saturday.  Much appreciated. 
I’m just gonna say it... I prefer the slightly slower pace of the 3 slot matrix. We only got one less round in. And more chatting.  

Interesting weather. With the fairly high wind speed we had, I was struggling to determine where the lift was. A fair bit of guessing and luck.  There were only a few times when the lift was where I felt it was. One launch was straight into lift. Remember, when you do a launch that appears to higher than normal, you probably launched into lift. Start turning. 

How much ballast were people using?  I flew the BAMF2 with 39g from R2 onwards. I never really felt the need for more. My only landout was in R1, before ballasting. Actually, there was one in Poker, but I hadn’t made the time anyway, so didn’t count it. 

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