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Valenta ASW17 (Volcano)


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Valenta ASW17 - all moulded - 3.5m span

New addition to the fleet - picked it up yesterday from a fleabay seller, set it up in the car & chucked it off Whitesheet in a good blow - flies great, looks good in the air

Its "semi-scale" - the overall proportions are about 1:6, but the wing chord is wider than scale, and the fus nose isnt quite scale - but - that adds up to a really well proportioned model thats a nice size & good to fly. Carbon wings & weighs in at 3.7kg.

Its basically the same plane as the better known Volcano - which adds curvy extended wingtips, a black canopy and an all-moving tail.

Its probably the plane I was looking for a few years ago when I wanted "something less skinny" than the F3F planes - I've got a few other non-skinnies now though.



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