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MSA F5j Comp 12th Sept at Fish Meadow, BARCS/BMFA league

Ian Purcell

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Ian Purcell

Midland/ Malvern Soaring Association 4th F5j event , BARCS/BMFA league 12th September... 10am start. Camping/ campervans allowed on field.

Entry fee £5, height limiter available if needed.

For those who wish to camp at Upton for the F5j comp, contact the farmer directly to book. His details are:-

Oliver Surman  Mobile 07788 441612

A post code of WR8 0PB will put you on the slip road to the entrance tunnel but do not turn left halfway down into East Waterside.

Please drive around the perimeter of the field on the track to the right after the entrance tunnel.

Enteries here, or email Ian Purcell

,Closing time and date for entries  5pm Saturday 11th Sept


1 Ian Purcell  2.4 have limiter

2 John Freeman 2.4 have limiter

3 Simon Conran 2.4 have limiter

4 Pete Mitchell 2.4 have limiter

5 Cliff Hannam 2.4 have limiter

6 Steve Hannon 2.4 have limiter

7 Ian Duff 2.4 have limiter

8 Mike Raybone 2.4 have limiter

9 Pete A|llen 2.4 have limiter

10 Chas Dunster 2.4 have limiter

11 Al lipscombe 2.4 have limiter

12 David Rivers 2.4 ..........borrow limiter please

13 Andrew Holmes 2.4 have limiter

14 Dave East 2.4 have limiter

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  • Ian Purcell changed the title to MSA F5j Comp 12th Sept at Fish Meadow, BARCS/BMFA league

Definitely me again please. 

Simon Conran

BMFA 195226 


Own height limiter. 

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  • Committee Member

Please add me to your list again.

Hoping the weather is kinder to me this time, I plan to camp over Saturday night.

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Report on this comp thanks to Andrew Holmes:


Thanks very much to our Flight Director, Ian Purcell, for organising the competition so well, and providing perfect thermaling weather, with good lift most of the time, and only occasional sink.
The competition was started on time after the briefing to advise limits of flying, and tree locations were pointed out, apparently mainly for Ian Duff
The wind was hardly discernible from the east in the morning, and we did reverse our launch direction for the afternoon, but the wind continued to change its mind
Thank you once again to Marlene, for taking all the scores in between bouts with her gigantic crossword
It was a day of very poor landing bonuses with greased lightning landings on dry grass flattened the previous week by the Sunshine Festival, and compounded by the wind reversals after lunchtime
Of ninety eight flights we only had four zero scores, mainly electrical/mechanical failures, and luckily no midairs although there were some tricky landing situations
Highest launch of the day went to first timer Dave Rivers with 212m which won him a bottle of Mad Goose. Steve Hannon had the lowest launch of the day with 46m and an impressive launch average for the day of 69m
Congratulations to Simon Conran on his second 1000 at his second competition, completed with a 0 landing bonus, having no spoilers or flaps
Sadly Ian Purcell managed to land his shadow on the top of the highest Oak in Fish Meadow during the fourth round, much to the annoyance of the crows when they came home to roost at about five o’clock. With our friendly tree surgeon at a wedding, he decided to get someone with a cherry picker to retrieve it safely on Monday, damage free
Congratulations to Steve Hannon, coming first, closely followed by Peter Allen, and John Freeman, an even closer third
Thank you all for coming, especially those of you who came so far, and we hope to see you all again on October 17th for our final F5J competition of the year
Kind Regards
Andrew Holmes

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