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Wales Winter League 20/21


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I'm in... hopefully the conditions allow.

Should be at the crest right? E winds but very light. I guess tonight we will get confirmation 

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On 09/01/2022 at 20:36, jwest532 said:

Hi guys

This coming Saturday will be round 4 of the Wales Winter League.  Can you please post below if you are planning on attending, so I have an idea of numbers.

Weather call will be made Thursday PM




Hi joel

  Has there been a weather call?



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Sorry for the late post.  As usual, the forecasts haven't been particularly helpful with some predicting low cloud and some suggesting variable wind conditions.  Anyway, as of this morning, I think there is a fair chance of getting a comp in with the mountain forecast suggesting 15-25 mph and cloud base lifting so I'm going to call it ON with 2 caveats. 

1) I get 10 people to agree to travel 

2) 1 of those 10 will bring the key to the gate (currently in the Midlands, I think)

Could you please post below if you plan to attend.

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For me, it’s too long a trip for a very uncertain outcome, so I shall not be there.

I hope it turns out better for you than I’m expecting.

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Sorry Joel, I feel the same as JT. I don't fancy the trip in iffy conditions and uncertain wind. 


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Hi Joel, due to the forecast not looking great and the long drive, I'll sit this one out.

I hope I'm wrong and you have a great day. Good luck.


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