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Hawk Spark 4m F5j arrive..!


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Got the box from Dani and Vladimir today. Really good quality hollow molded parts. Really good. Put both models together and no need to sand or tweak anything to fit so really good. Like Lego.

Typical uniform surfaces of hollow molded and when D box squeezed no heart sinking cracking noises as the laminations start to delaminate.


Initial impressions very good. Models went together perfectly out of the box. Not all are like that these days so a big positive.





Airfoil sections and planform are custom Mark Drela so will be good. Not so thin and aggressive of late so should be really easy and forgiving to fly.


Hawk Spark has triple dihedral for better circling and straight line performance like Eternity and Plus X. But like Eternity has mechanical link to outboard aileron so no need for needless weight, expense or complication of a six servo wing.


Fin plugs on. Perfect fit. Very happy with this.


Rudder is simple to connect and gives free and full movement. Elevator done Samba style which of course works very well.



Fuselages are very well made and feature pre installed wiring looms via Multiplex plugs with rx sockets awaiting you under the perfectly fitting slide off slide on canopy.

Fuselage is slim enough to do the job, but not silly slim. Internal width through canopy opening is 27mm so allows a wide range of batteries to fit. The canopy itself clips on really nicely and is nice and long to allow easy access and an easy installation.


So we now await UK testing with one of our top pilots. But there is one in stock already (the white one) Certainly it seems fit and quality wise it ranks amongst the best. I was impressed.

Comes with all linkages etc and their own molded carbon IDS system..


Oh.......and if you like big flaps check these out 


The standard version is in stock and flying weight is estimated 1400g - 1500g. It is full strength for all but very high winds.

Price is £1650 including pre installed IDS, wing and tail bags, and ballast.





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