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Practice manoeuvres


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Hi all,
Does anyone have any information on different turn types, rolls etc that I can practice to improve my slope soaring?

I know this seems vague. Just looking for some practice manoeuvres.


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Yes - my best advice is to just try things out - but always with lots of speed - before aerobatics, you need to be confident "driving" the plane with some down elevator (maybe lots) to get it moving. Also - height is your friend - to recover when things go wrong - which they will do.

Heres some useful advice from Stan Yeo - written a while ago but still valid:


but above all - have fun !


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François Cahour, who is a brilliant aerobatic pilot, has written a book called ‘Voltige Planeur RC’ (RC glider aerobatics). It is in French, but I think someone has translated it into English. It doesn’t matter anyway because most of the book consists of diagrams indicating what each manoeuvre should look like together with a graphic sequence showing where your sticks should be at each stage. 
I’ve just checked: there’s a Kindle edition at £12.99 from Amazon. No sign of the rumoured English edition.

For a change: I agree with Phil. Have fun!

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John Minchell


Whilst not glider specific, you can download the BMFA Scale Contest rulebook here:-  https://britishmfa.sharepoint.com/sites/public/Rule Books/Forms/AllItems.aspx?originalPath=aHR0cHM6Ly9icml0aXNobWZhLnNoYXJlcG9pbnQuY29tLzpmOi9zL3B1YmxpYy9FdmdWaGNyRFBaNUttS2hPQnpjdjk3VUJfaFlEdy1sbkxkQzBuVGhOLXVMMlhBP3J0aW1lPWNJemZaSDJVMlVn&id=%2Fsites%2Fpublic%2FRule Books%2FRule Books%2F2021 BMFA Scale Contest Rules.pdf&parent=%2Fsites%2Fpublic%2FRule Books%2FRule Books

Bit of a long URL I admit, BUT it has all the scale manoeuvres in it (page 57 onwards) together with the errors a judge would be looking out for.  Yes there are things a glider won't do in there, but if you pick loops and stall turns, spins etc then there is very good guidance there.  Also there is an excellent book on full size glider aerobatics which is a good source of info on how to fly manoeuvres - "The Handbook of Glider Aerobatics" by Peter Mallinson & Mike Woollard published by Airlife of Shrewsbury ISBN 1-84037-110-2

Hope that helps

John M

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I've got the Cahour book in the English translation. You can get it direct from him for €45.


Need to allow for some slightly philosophical (i.e.French) musings, but it diagrammatically sets out the manoeuvres very clearly, with both Modes 1 and 2 stick movements shown for each step.

Another very helpful resource is this entire series of simulator-based demonstration videos (by South African Christo Le Roux) for each discrete manoeuvre.


Clearly these are ideal scenarios (with much bigger skies than your average British mini-slope!) but gives you a feel of exactly the shape and size of each maneuver - stuff to practice and aspire to!

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