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11th 2021 F3-RES/F5-RES Combined 14 day duration posta


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If I used a 1s lipo to power Rx and servos, like I do in my F3RES, can I power the CAM from the ESC and 3s battery?

All the installs I've seen, the CAM is powered from the RX.

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I have now got my Nano back, it is a brand new one (yes really). That's 10 times better than BangGood or HobbyKing ! (even if it did take a month).

To be honest, for F5RES I just changed the height and time. I allowed re-starts of motor, so I can just fly about with the motor available. I also like to be able to power back if I get too far down wind.

There is a drop down, when setting up – F5J, Measure, F5K, Energy and ERES.

What do others use ?

Is the ERES for our F5RES ? (I did rtfm)

I run 10% for the algo that keeps you to the allowed climb height – do others use that ?

Finally – White plugs (cool) – But even better there is a built in retaining clip for where you plug into it (nice) …... In fact the next lot of plug making bits I get, I will be looking for them.... (extension leads for spoilers).


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