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F3-res and f5-res Christmas challenge


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By popular request of one, I will run one non league event that will end at midnight on the 31st December. 


Usual rules. Best flight from now and ends before 2022.

post your claim below and I will consolidate the results 

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Around 2000 Mike Proctor organised the “Freeze Fly” up in York for during the Christmas to New Year period. At first I thought it was dumb, for e-launch gliders – there would be no thermals (or very weak), so it was not going to be much of a comp.

Then I realised it would be a good test of your glider and the propulsion system. (before height switches). It would also be about smooth “hanging” flights.

On reflection it was a truly great idea......... To see the best “gliders” and (back then) the best motor / prop.

It was also a good way to just get out.

I was just thinking that it would be a good reference if a lot of us joined in. That is – Pop your glider up to 60m and record your (best) time.


Then, it would also be good to have Model, weight, motor, ….. well a brief description...... start of a database ? (with minimal distortion from thermals)........... 2mins is GOOD - But its the taking part - "I was there."

All entrants would get the very collectable virtual t-shirt. Which they could display with pride.


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A very pleasant winter solstice.  7 flyers at the field, light breeze but in the worst direction for bungee launches.   Before mid-day the lift was too narrow, it was bumpy and turbulent.

We had a really nice spell at 1pm, the sun and lift was excellent.  Launched to just under 50 meters but got away nicely.  Managed to get back from downwind and pick up some more lift.  I lost too much height on 2nd downwind return so came down.  A shame as the good lift lasted over 30 minutes.

My best climb was to 135 meters, my best flight was.

David | XRES | 8 min 59 | 21st December

Breezy here tomorrow, so I'm going to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


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After going on about doing a flight between Christmas and New Year, it was looking like I would not get a flight in.

I was in the garden, messing, in the very light rain / fog. Then it stopped and there was no wind and no rain – Quick charge.

To the NW was totally blue sky and to the SE thick dark cloud, and when I got out it was directly overhead.

The first flight was OK (better than I thought).

The second was even better, so I did a third and that was amazing for the day.


The actual flight (I'm entering) was 5:44......... Better than I thought.


On the first flight I missed “something” at 100sec.

The next 2 were launched into (also) lifty air (bird highlighted) but I lost both. It did feel like the lift started above 60 – 70m, where the buzzards were.

With no anti-zoom, it was consistantly going 3m over 60m, which at the (unrealistic) sink rate of 0.16m/sec gave an extra 16sec. I am happy with the climb rate on 50W, so it can stay as is for now.


So (anyway) very pleased I got to fly.

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Woops - the model was the HarrHee, my lightest, with no spoiler. Note the short "tail" where I landed, bent down and switched it off. In still air, which it is for, the landing sequence seems to have developed into a Fibonacci curve, modulated with speed mode / normal mode - all fun. But only suitable if you are alone in the middle of a field.

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Not overloaded with entries but CirrusRC a clear winner.

Well done, that's a very respectable flight for the shortest day of the year.

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